Hello! I’m Jess. I’m a photographer, an artist, a crafter, a dancer, a wife, a tea drinker, and more recently a mum too. I like nice pictures. I love to make nice pictures. I like even more to make nice and fun pictures! Photographs with people, photographs without.

My aim is to give you a relaxed and fun filled experience, with photographs you can enjoy for years to come. I know I’ll have fun bringing the best out of you, I’m sure you will enjoy yourself too! I look forward to meeting you and seeing how I can be involved with your special project.


Art Projects

Play-Dough Play-Dough
  • Play-Dough

  • Play-Dough (2008) Can you find the world you created as a kid? Can you get lost in it again? Family and friends took a break from their busy and serious lives and stopped to play with their food. Bread is shrouded in a wealth of symbolism. Can these connections be separated in order to enjoy child-like fun, or [...]
Curious Alice Curious Alice
Suburban Icons Suburban Icons
  • Suburban Icons

  • Suburban Icons (2007) Select works exhibited as part of the CCP's Kodak Summer Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy, Victoria. 28th March - 10th May 2008.
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