Tea Cup Project

Tea Cup Project (2009)

I received heaps of scans and photocopies of people’s cups and mugs when I requested them earlier in the year, so I suppose this is more of a curatorial project than a photographic one. I am interested in the ritual associated with your morning fix, and as some of you may have noticed, ‘play’. The stories that accompanied the scans from this silly task were priceless. I hope I can share these with you later on the blog. For now, here is a selection of them.

Each scan / digitized photocopy is printed 40x60mm on Lipton black tea bags and acid free copy paper. Mounting by David Amos. Total size 100x100mm.

A big thank you to the following people for assisting me with this project – David Amos, Lauryn Brokate, Lynda Brown, Meg Chantrier, Leanne Cook, Nikki Cook, Leanne Dac, Penny Garrett, Adam Hibberd, Janine Hunt, Matthew Hunt, Zoe Keystone, Graham King, Hamish Kirkpatrick, Beth McKenzie, Amelia Moody, Adele Purdey, Craig Quilliam, Erin Quilliam, Alun Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts, Megan Taylor, Anthony Tosello.

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